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Cheesy has been training all year to compete
in the World Winter Sports Games.
With your help, victory is just a few games away!
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Snacks for
Cheestrings snacks are high in protein – the nutrient that helps you grow!
It’s believed hockey was invented in Canada in the mid-1800’s and it’s since become the country’s national winter sport.
Practice makes perfect. How many
goals can you score under the clock?
Click and drag to position your stick,
then release to shoot.
Each Cheestrings snack is a great source of energy!
Strong Bones
Each Cheestrings snack is a great source of calcium – a mineral that helps strong bones develop!
The longest distance travelled on a ski jump is equivalent to the length of more than two football fields!
Head down the slope as fast as you can, but be careful to avoid the obstacles!
Press/hold Space or TAP to duck and jump
Mix it Up!
Pair apple slices with a
Cheestrings snack for a tasty combo
Snowboarding was originally called “snurfing” – a combination of “snow” and “surfing”!
Great work!
With your help, Cheesy's taken the gold at the World Winter Sports Games!